As a result of plant operation for a long time, sudden failure may be caused, or modification or additional facilities may be required.  Not only the periodic maintenance, but the production lines may also be suspended if the sudden failure or the accident would happen.  In case of an accident or failure, we will take initial actions to solve the problem depending on urgency regardless of the scale of work.

Maintenance activities are mainly classified as described below.

In order to operate the facilities continuously and stable, inspection, maintenance, repair or replacement will be carried out during a shutdown of the plant for a certain period to prevent the sudden suspension of operation.  This is said a good method for cost effectiveness, and so called “Shutdown Maintenance”.


This is a preventive maintenance to operate the facility safely.  By the observation of a part of facilities or the deterioration, damage or wear of the parts, these are repair or replaced.  Due to the repair or replacement of some limited parts, the period or cost for maintenance can be reduced.  This is also said that the method good for cost effectiveness together with the periodic maintenance.


Although the above preventive maintenance is carried out, the suspension of the production may be happened by the accidental failure or the damages caused by unexpected reasons.
In this case, due to unexpected suspension of the production, a quick response are often required and an emergency measures to maintain the facilities or production may be require.

We TNP will carried out the maintenance of equipment and piping facilities, but also electric, instrument, civil and building works are covered including construction.

Considering the nature of maintenance work, our response time after a call by the client is as follows.

  • Within 3 working days for a normal case
  • As soon as possible in case of emergency