We, Thai Nippon Plant, have continued as an EPC contractor for a long time. In September 2016, we have established a new Consulting Business Department responding to the needs of the clients.

  • Clients who want to expand the factory in Thailand, but it requires a lot of time and manpower.
  • There is no firm that provides the engineering services in Thailand. Especially it is remarkable for plant engineering.
  • Clients would like to search for laws, regulations, and standards of Thailand.
  • Clients need support for project execution and project management services.

TNP is going to provide services below in order to meet the above needs.

  • Overall supports from the establishment of the company and selection of plant site until design, construction, and maintenance.
  • Introduction of contractors and preparation of bid documents.
  • Studies, interpretation, and advice of Thai laws and regulations.
  • Preparation of BOI(Board of Investment) document.
  • Government applications such as the land use permit, construction permission, and power use.
  • Preparation of contract document.
  • Design and plant engineering.
  • Structural design of buildings and civil structure.
  • Project management and construction supervising.

The features of TNP are described below.

  • By the experience of plant engineering, we have wealth of experience of project management (schedule control, quality control of design, purchasing and construction, and cost control as necessary) not only engineering.
  • To support the new clients expanding to Thailand, the database consisting of Thai laws, regulations and standards concerning the factory was prepared in the company. These are studied, interpreted and advised to the clients in Japanese or English language.
  • Mechanical (equipment, piping, and machinery) , electric, instrument, civil and building engineers are ready to provide services, then design services for all kinds of fields can be provided. Especially building and civil structures design, we have tried economical design, and have much experience for cost saving in construction.