There are many consultants and many small design firms around each company in Japan, and when the work volume is concentrated, we request these design offices for design work.

On the other hand, in Thailand, there are several major consultants, but there is no such design office like in Japan, and the design persons are limited to design personnel directly employed by the company, the group of several engineers or side business of an individual.

Through our plant construction project, we have carried out these design work in-house, but in order to accommodate and share human resources with similar industries, we will carry out consultant work and design outsourcing.

1. Design

• Equipment design (reactor, heat exchanger, tank, silo, hopper, etc.)

• Piping design

• Electric design

• Instrument design

• Civil engineering design (equipment foundation, steel frame structure, building, etc.)

When these design work is outsourced, it is necessary to summarize the necessary conditions and clearly indicate what to design, but in many cases, various documents or languages ​​such as Thai, Japanese, and English are mixed. Therefore, it is not easy to organize them and explain them by breaking down into details. For that reason, outsourcing in order to reduce in-house manpower may not be so effective.

Based on our experience from proposal preparation in the projects to execution, we start to understand classifying this information and then extracting the information necessary for the design. Specifically, from ITB reading, design for estimation, BOQ calculation, inquiry to the construction contractors in the project under implementation, understand the contract and specifications, design according to it, related as necessary We will also coordinate design with the department.

In the proposal stage, we start from the reading of ITB, and design, material take-off, inquiry to construction contractors will be executed.  During the executing project, contract and specifications will be understood and design in accordance with them including the coordination with related sections as necessary.

 2. Project management support

We think that the project shall be carried out in accordance with the policies of the project manager, but with the execution of the projects, various management tasks will required. We carry out the following operations to support project management services.

– Schedule control
– Quality control (inspection including preparation of reports)
– Document control

In addition, we have carried out the following services, which already have many experiences as a consultant services.

– Law search and analysis, and coordination with government
– Government permit application work
– Thai, English, Japanese translation services

Due to the influence of corona, it may be difficult to receive support from the head office in Japan, and we would appreciate your consideration for our proposal.